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Track+Pro - Data Management Solution

Internet Price: $75.00
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"Track+Pro" - Our web based data management program; This tracking solution allows any organization to organize and effectively manage and track their AED program, AED accessory renewals, CPR Training renewals, and any incidents utilizing the AED.  Pricing is PER AED.

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Track+Pro Data Management

AEDSHOP.COM (DBA HeartSafe America, Inc.) developed a web-based, proprietary data management-tracking program (Track+Pro), in order to be a complete system for you.  You can manage your AED program yourself or let us manage it for you.

If you, the client, choose to manage your own AED program, you will be given a login, password and an instruction packet on how to input all of your data and manage and organize your AED program.

If AEDSHOP.COM is chosen to manage your program, our staff will work with our customer to obtain the necessary data on their AEDs, trained personnel and location of their equipment, input this data and manage the program for our client. The client is then given a login and password to view this data anytime. This is the turnkey solution of our program customized for each client.

AEDSHOP.COM will input all contacts, addresses, location of AED's, serial numbers, expiration dates and offer ongoing technical support for a low annual fee.

Our Data Management Solution features include:

  • Medical Prescription and oversight.
  • Stores a master list of all AEDs, locations and contact personnel.
  • Provides quick reference to AED serial numbers and all part numbers.
  • Monthly inspection log which sends monthly email reminders to perform AED inspection.
  • Tracks replacement part expiration dates and sends email notifications 60, 30 and 15 days prior to expiration.
  • Designated section to document incidents and log event data.
  • Tracks CPR/AED trained personnel and sends email renewal reminders 60, 30 and 15 days prior to training expiration.
  • Comprehensive reporting tool allowing monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to document compliancy for Good Samaritan laws and CASA act.
  • Multiple security levels to limit user access, based on AED Program responsibilities.
  • Importing and exporting capabilites allowing the seemless transfer of data.
  • Flexibility of tracking any product or service that has an expiration date, based on category, business sector, location and part number. 
  • Inventory Management Control
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