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Defibtech LifeLine AEDs

Defibtech offers the Defibtech LifeLine and the Defibtech LifeLine View automated external defibrillators (AEDs).  The Defibtech LifeLine and LifeLine View AED are two of the most durable AEDs on the market today. With an IP rating of 55, both AEDs can withstand abuse from dust and water particles, thus making these AEDs ideal for construction, electrical, and industrial style companies to create a "heart safe" environment.

The Defibtech LifeLine AED has lights, text, and voice prompts to assist the responder during the emergency.  With the CPR metronome feature, the responder can keep time while completed the chest compressions during CPR.  This feature helps the responder to perform effective CPR.

The Defibtech LifeLine View AED is the first AED on the market that has a full-color, visual screen that will guide the responder through each step of using the AED and when to perform CPR.  The visual screen will allow any responder, trained or untrained, to utilize the LifeLine View AED with confidence and ease.

The LifeLine AED stands out amoung the AEDs on the market due to its yellow color and easy grip handle.  The LifeLine AED offers a 5 year or a 7 year battery.  The pads are pre-connected so that the AED is ready for use at any time.  The adult pads and infant/child pads expire every 2 years.

The LifeLine View AED features a similar design to the LifeLine AED.  With the yellow color and carrying handle on the side of the AED, the LifeLine View is easy to transport and it is easy to locate.  The LifeLine View has been disigned according to military specifications. The LifeLine View AED has a 4 year battery.  The adult pads and infant/child pads expire every 2 years. 

Defibtech offers a 5 year warranty on the Defibtech LifeLine AED and the Defibtech LifeLine View AED. 

Awards Won: Design of the Decade Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), winning a silver award in the category of Most Successful Integration of New Technology

Defibtech LifeLine AED
Defibtech LifeLine AED
Internet Price: $1,245.00
Part No: DCF-100
Defibtech LifeLine View AED
Defibtech LifeLine View AED
Internet Price: $1,945.00
Part No: DCF-A2310EN