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CPR Prompt CPR Responder Kit

Internet Price: $53.95

CPR Prompt CPR Responder Kit

provides the tools necessary to provide proper CPR to an individual.

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The CPR Prompt CPR Responder Kit

is great for institutional emergency response programs.  Comes with a compact carrying case that can be attached to your belt for easy access.  This kit has everything you need to perform in a medical emergency that requires CPR.


Kit Contains:

  • CPR Prompt
  • 1 Pair non latex gloves
  • 1 Face shield barrier
  • 1 Alcohol wipe
  • 1 Rescue aid key chain
  • 1 3 year warranty
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Training is an important aspect of emergency preparedness. Being able to practice using an automated external defibrillator outside of an emergency situation can make all the difference when the time comes. AED Shop provides customers with CPR manikins in order to facilitate the training in CPR, First Aid, and AED techniques. These are ideal for those who are hosting training courses for AED or CPR in any environment.

CPR manikins are available in both adult and child sizes to allow people to realistically simulate providing CPR to patients of different sizes. Different techniques are required for adults and children and being able to practice these techniques will reinforce the knowledge which can be used to save someone's life in an emergency situation.

AED Shop provides customers with high-quality mannequins to facilitate the training and education of individuals across the country. We offer single CPR manikins as well as packages for group training scenarios. Grab and Go bags allow for the simple transportation of the CPR manikins in order to assist the trainers who will be teaching others the basic lifesaving techniques which are so valuable in locations where people often gather.

Emergency situations occur every day across the county and by providing realistic emergency training using CPR manikins we are able to increase the safety of those around us. Whether you are training for the use of an automated external defibrillator, or in CPR/ First Aid techniques the CPR manikins provided by AED Shop will allow your training to be more realistic and effective for the students involved.

We stress the education and training of those who will be able to utilize these lifesaving techniques in emergency situations whenever they should occur. By providing the most realistic training equipment we aim to better prepare individuals to perform effectively when the time comes.