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Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable medical device used to provide "shock therapy" to an individual suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). An AED is the only tool available to combat Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Every year over 350,000 Americans are lost to Sudden Cardiac Arrest due to the fact that an AED was unavailable.

AEDs are becoming more and more common in churches, schools, gyms, dental offices, businesses, and other types of organizations. Some states have instituted laws, legislation, and mandates that require organizations to have at least one AED available to the its staff, members, and visitors.

The reason for AEDs being required is due to the fact that SCA can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.


Automatic External Defibrillators are portable electronic devices which are used during emergency situations in order to reestablish an effective rhythm in a patient's heart. Every day there are situations around the world in which a person's heart stops functioning correctly. Whether this includes a complete stop of the regular rhythm of the person's heart or merely an unsafe irregularity in heartbeat, a person who is trained in the usage of an AED can potentially save the life of the afflicted individual. AED's are created in order to be simple for any person to use by providing instructions for the resuscitation of someone who is in danger.

We provide many different models of AED's which are the only tool available to combat sudden cardiac arrest. We work with companies in order to provide customers with instruments of the highest quality to allow them to feel safe and prepared in the case of an emergency situation. These instruments are becoming more common in places where large numbers of people gather on a regular basis such as schools, churches, gyms, and office buildings. Purchasing an automatic external defibrillator will allow you to be prepared to save someone's life no matter where the need may arise.

Each year over 350,000 American citizens succumb to Sudden Cardiac Arrest because there was no automatic external defibrillator available. Life often involves emergency situations when most people are the least prepared for them. You can assist those who would otherwise be helpless in these emergency situations by purchasing an AED and keeping it handy in your car or workplace so that it is easily accessible when the unexpected occurs. The nature of Sudden Cardiac Arrest makes it so that it can happen to anyone at any time which makes emergency preparedness all the more important in situations such as these.

AED Shop goes above and beyond providing high-quality automatic external defibrillators to our customers. We emphasize the importance of education and training when it comes to procedures and equipment which could potentially save lives when implemented correctly. AED's are effective lifesaving technology because they are designed to be operated by someone with little to no training in an emergency situation. The automated system will walk the operator through step-by-step in order to defibrillate the person who is afflicted with Sudden Cardiac Arrest. This ingenious design makes having one of these devices handy all the more practical.

By purchasing an automatic external defibrillator you are putting yourself and those around you in the position to save someone's life when it is most needed. Every person who takes this responsible action is making the world a safer place for themselves and those around them. By providing an AED to your home or workplace you will be able to rest at ease knowing that you are equipped with a top notch instrument designed to save someone's life in an emergency situation.