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Posted: 2/2/2011

AED technology continues to improve and modern models offer an unprecedented level of ease and functionality for responders.   Defibtech has improved upon the standard AED concept again, with the inclusion of a full color video screen – the first AED manufacturer to incorporate video technology in a defibrillator.

Despite automatic external defibrillators being portable and simple enough to use by lay people at the scene of an accident, properly administering an AED in an emergency situation can be daunting for untrained responders.   In order to combat lay responder’s nerves and lack of knowledge, manufacturers have historically sought to use pictures and audio to visually and audibly indicate to users how to place the electrodes and when to apply a shock.  While self-shocking AED’s have been on the market for years, thereby eliminating the need for the administrator to manually apply the charge, Defibtech has taken the next step in user friendly AED technology with the utilization of video.

After all, a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, and a video demonstrating how to operate the simple machines will allow inexperienced users to be more confident.  As soon as the power button is pushed on Defibtech’s new Lifeline View model shows you what to do in the emergency using an interactive video screen, that allows the rescuer to read, see, and hear what to do next.

The video demonstrates how to prepare the patient by removing clothing, where to find the pads, how to connect them, and where to place them on the patient’s chest.  The Lifeline View acts as a couch and trainer for CPR as well, showing how many compressions to perform during CPR and when to give rescue breaths, as well as where to place your hands and how to perform rescue breathing.

Since not all users will require the same level of instruction, Defibtech included the ability for users to select their level of AED experience and the unit responds with appropriate level of instruction. The seemingly intelligent machine even provides video explaining when to perform maintenance and how to change batteries.

Along with video innovation Defibtech engineered the sleek machine to be one tough performer. It’s sleek and light - weighing under 3 pounds – but is tested to military specs,  engineered to withstand high dust and water levels,  and crush resistant.  

Defibtech’s newest achievement is available for purchase for clubs, organization, businesses, and private parties (see individual state laws), and can be found online at medical retail sites like HeartSafe America (www.aed-shop.com).

In short, Defibtech has set the bar again, creating an AED that will help users be more confident and save lives.



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