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Posted: 6/14/2010

AED-SHOP a division of HeartSafe America, Inc. (HSA) is a national distributor of Medical Equipment, with an emphasis on Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and life-saving equipment. It is our goal to help reduce the numbers of deaths from Sudden Cardiac Arrest by increasing public awareness and expanding the number of Automated External Defibrillators in public facilities, and to create awareness of the Oxysure portable oxygen tanks and how this product can save a life.

AED-SHOP has taken a proactive approach to equipping thousands of public and private facilities with medical equipment solutions such as Automatic External Defibrillators (AED), AED accessories, CPR training, and First Aid supplies, services and training. 

AED-SHOP offers a unique medical product called OxySure.  The Oxysure product is a portable oxygen system that provides pure oxygen to a person with labored breathing.  The Oxysure portable oxygen tank is composed of thermoplastic products, which stores the compound for creating the pure oxygen.  The tank is reusable and the cartridge is disposable.

What is the purpose of the OxySure portable oxygen tank?

  • The purpose of the portable oxygen tank is so that a responder is able to administer oxygen to a person with labored breathing.  Waiting for emergency service can take a while.  By having portable oxygen onsite can help relieve a person’s labored breathing within minutes verses waiting for an emergency responder.

How does the OxySure portable oxygen tank work?

The OxySure portable oxygen tank is setup to work with a three step system to ensure that the responder is able to administer oxygen as quickly as possible.

  • The first step, the responder must plug the mask into the portable oxygen tank.
  • The second step, the responder must turn the knob.
  • The third step, the responder must apply the mask over the nose and mouth of the victim.The pure oxygen is released from the tank to the victim via the mask.

What makes the Oxysure portable oxygen tank safer than a regular oxygen tank?

  • The Oxysure portable oxygen tank has a cartridge that contains the compound that creates the pure oxygen.  
  • The compound is in a powder form until the knob on the tank is turned.  Once the knob has turned, the compound is release with an accelerant that helps to product the pure oxygen.
  • Flammability is not an issue since the compound is in powder form.  When oxygen is in a gaseous state its potential for combustion is high.

AED-SHOP has partnered with OxySure to offer this unique medical product.  The Oxysure product is becoming more and more popular for sporting events when oxygen needs to be administered to an athlete with labored breathing.  The portable oxygen can be a life-saver just as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is.

If you are ready to proactively prepare yourself and/or your organization, AED-Shop a division of HeartSafe America, Inc. is your answer.

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